SIRCHIE Regular Magnetic Latent Print Kit

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This is the most popular, compact, magnetic latent print kit available. Use this kit to process a crime scene with a choice of magnetic powders and our outstanding 125L Magnetic Applicator. The 159L Kit is excellent for developing latent prints on paper, cardboard, finished and unfinished wood, glass, vinyls and on any nonferrous material. Complete instructions are included.

159L includes:

1 - M114L 1 oz. Black Magnetic Powder

1 - M116L 1 oz. White Magnetic Powder

1 - M117L 1 oz. Gray Magnetic Powder

1 - SBM9 1 oz. Silver/Black Magnetic Powder

1 - 125L Standard Magnetic Applicator

1 - KC100 Molded Plastic Carrying Case with Insert

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